List Openshift's project IP range.

# oc get hostsubnet -n [project]

Service restart on Amazon ECS

  1. Open ECS.
  2. Open the cluster.
  3. Open the service.
  4. Go to "Update Service".
  5. Check "Force new deployment"
  6. Click on "Update"

Vim write as root

:w !sudo tee "%"

Insert unicode characters in blvim, vim, neovim, etc.

  1. Go to insert mode pressing i
  2. In insert mode, press Ctrl + v
  3. Type the unicode, for instance u2014
  4. Your unicode character will be inserted, in this case an Em Dash (—).

Image dithering with Imagemagick

$ convert image.png -dither Riemersma -colors 2 outimg.png